Hello and Welcome to my food world!

Hi there!

Finally I got the courage to start this food blog after wanting to do so for several years. After getting my food critiqued by notable chefs (that you might see on TV) at my MasterChef audition and getting very positive reviews, I thought I should do something to push myself to keep cooking, learning and exploring, thus this blog is born.

About Me

This picture makes me laugh, I am making a  funny face  😛

I am a 26 year old housewife living in the beautiful city of San Diego, CA.  When I’m not volunteering and itching to go back to school, I love to cook and have a passion for all things food-related. My husband and our Papillon-mix named Pipi are the executive taste testers in my kitchen. Yes, I even cook gourmet dog food per Pipi’s request. I’m a self-taught home cook who loves to experiment with different ethnic cuisines, but my most significant cooking lessons came from the family kitchen.

My approach to food is to keep it fun and fresh. Food nowadays has become so skewed towards being instant meals and chemical experiments. It is largely processed, packaged, and unhealthy. When I was a grad student and had a full-time job, I learned that I don’t need to succumb to convenience food. I can make food myself and make it healthier, economical and more convenient for me. Cooking for yourself and others can be fun, exciting, and can give you more nom-noms than takeout.


As I was setting up this blog, I couldn’t figure out what to name it and the Human League’s “(Keep Feeling) Fascination” started playing on my iTunes playlist. I don’t know exactly what this song was written for, but it kind of captures the burning passion I have about food and flavors, so I decided to roll with it like the attitude of the song.

With this blog, I’ll be sure to keep dishing out some recipes and feeling that foodflavorfascination. lol. Kind of corny, but catchy. haha

Check out my About page: https://foodflavorfascination.wordpress.com/about/

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