First Year Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday was our first year wedding anniversary and we made a great dinner together! Pork chops with sauteed apples and white & wild rice with mushrooms. More on that later!

Our Wedding Day October 28, 2011

For our anniversary, we could not go for too long of a vacation because David is starting a new job, so we spent the weekend at Temecula Valley Wine Country and stayed at South Coast Winery & Resort. We made sure to have a fun and relaxing time going horseback riding, wine tasting, touring the vineyards, chilling at the pool,  getting a couples massage, and of course dining well!

Riding through the beautiful vineyards.

Wine tasting! I don’t know much about wines, but some were outstanding. South Coast Winery has won thousands of awards.

Lamb dinner – juicy and flavorful. The restaurant at South Coast was amazing. Everything that we had tasted above our expectations.

After all the outdoor activities, we were a bit tired and decided to have a low-key anniversary dinner together at home. Our dog Pipi joined us as well!

She was getting hungry for dinner too!

Cooking the sides: on the left is white & wild rice with mushrooms and in the small pan is sautéed apples with cranberries. The apples were sautéed in butter with cinnamon, nutmeg, lemon zest, dried cranberries, and a touch of evaporated cane juice.

Here’s David pan-searing the pork chops.

Nice ambiance. Eating by candlelight.

We finished off the meal with chocolate chip red velvet cake that we bought. It was one of my favorite store-bought brands. Didn’t feel like baking that day. Red velvet cake is sentimental for us because it was our wedding cake, along with chocolate raspberry for another tier and white cake with strawberry as another tier.

My mouth is watering thinking of the wonderful meal last night. 😀

It’s already been a year! We had a very happy first wedding anniversary  ❤

6 thoughts on “First Year Wedding Anniversary

  1. I left a slice of your wedding cake unattended for two and a half seconds to get my sweater and someone ate it! 😦

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