Better Than Sex Cake


Christmas is almost here! It’s been a bit hectic with all the holiday preparations so I haven’t had much computer time. I love getting ready for the holidays and I always get ambitious with my holiday baking. This year, I think I made about 7 different holiday treats to package and give to friends and family. I’ll do a post on one of the treats in a day or so. I love giving homemade gifts πŸ™‚ Β Last year, I think I did 10 different holiday sweets. I don’t bake or make so much sweets during the year because my husband and I don’t like to eat sweets often so I like to really go all out during the holidays to take care of my baking itch.

On Thursday last week, my husband had a holiday potluck at his work and he asked If I would like to make something for him to bring. My mom gave me the great idea to make the Better Than Sex Cake. When we were growing up, my Mom would make this for special occasions and birthdays. Her coworkers loved it when she brought it to work too. It was a hit with everyone every time. I didn’t know the name of this cake until sometime in my twenties since, as kids, we always called it “the chocolate cake with skor bar” or “chocolate caramel poke cake.”


This cake is sooooo good! But, I think the title of this cake is meant to be rhetorical. It’s up to you to decide if it lives up to it’s name. I do know that it makes me very happy.

Typically, The Better Than Sex Cake or The Almost Better Than Sex Cake is an easy recipe of chocolate cake with caramel and topped with whipped cream (or Cool Whip) and chopped toffee (Skor bar or Heath bar). Something about this combination is magical and can make you feel some degree of ecstasy. Usually it is made with any type of boxed chocolate cake mix, but I’ve been wanting to tweak this recipe a bit to make it as homemade as possible.

Macheesmo did a great post on a homemade version of this cake, so I roughly followed his recipe. It’s a great post, check it out for the recipe!

Nevertheless, I was already doing so much baking and very busy so I used my favorite caramel sauce at the store and also poured on the dulce de leche instead of making the caramel topping from scratch. I know, this blog is about making things from scratch, but I think it is okay to use already prepared sauces or other things that are made with good quality ingredients and a brand that you trust. I love making salsa, but have no problem buying it when it is made with good ingredients. Do what makes you comfortable and what will get you into the kitchen to whip up something good. Yes, typing that just reminded me of the song lyrics “whip it good.” So…let’s whip up something good in the kitchen…this Better Than Sex Cake…

For the chocolate cake base, I used a different recipe that I have been wanting to try. From the lovely blog,Β Life is Short. Eat Hard,Β I tried Cara’s chocolate cake recipe called “Mum’s Sticky Chocolate Cake.” Β I’m telling you, this chocolate cake is soooooo good! You don’t even need eggs for the cake! The cocoa flavor really shines. Very pleasing flavor and texture in this cake. It knocks the socks off of any chocolate cake box mix. The golden syrup in the batter rocks too! Why doesn’t the US use this instead of corn syrup? Golden syrup is much better. I found it at World Market. I haven’t tried her chocolate buttercream recipe yet, but I bet it really is awesome. Thank you Cara for sharing your chocolate cake recipe with the world!

ChocolateCake5The chocolate cake as it cools down πŸ™‚ I don’t use the term often, but this chocolate cake made me say “This is da bomb diggity!”

ChocolateCake2As Macheesmo instructs, while the cake rests and cools down, I used a chopstick to poke some holes all around the cake, then poured my dulce de leche and caramel on the cake to let the caramel sauces seep into the cake. The holes allow the caramel to permeate the cake and flavor the whole cake. Β This makes the cake gooey good. Then I let the cake cool in the fridge overnight (minimum 1 hour in fridge) and topped it with whipped cream (you can also use Cool Whip, but whatever you do, don’t use canned whip cream because it will melt later). After the whip cream was all spread onto the cake, I topped it with some Heath Toffee Bar bits (available in baking section). You can use whatever toffee you like, just chop it up if it isn’t already. Skor Bars (available at candy bar section) that you’ve chopped up work very well too.


My husband’s co-workers polished off the cake and raved about it. People from the other departments came over just to get some of this cake. It was a big hit! Now they are requesting that I make it again soon πŸ™‚

23 thoughts on “Better Than Sex Cake

  1. The Heath Bar is also called Almond Brickle. I never knew what it was until I made Peach and Almond Chocolate Cake (found on my Recipe page under the Desserts link). I don’t know if I agree though with the Name of this dessert. πŸ™‚ Could be the person (woman or man) who invented this recipe must have had some back experiences. πŸ™‚ But seriously, looks delicious specially with the Heath Bar.

    Thanks for viewing my blog today. Look forward to your next post. Your little dog looked excited to have his/her picture taken.

    Chef Randall

    • Thanks for the nice words. Lol, the name of the cake is definitely a stand-out. Your cake sounds so good. My dog normally doesn’t like taking pictures, but she was especially happy and bouncy that day πŸ™‚

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