Happy Pi(e) Day 2014!


Finally got this pie out of the oven! After a long day in the lab (+ busy long week) and trying to finish up some chores, I was able to bake a pie, specifically it is a Mexican chocolate pie with almond crust. Last year we had pizza with a gluten-free crust. I love Pi(e) Day! I had a bit of a snafu while making this pie and accidentally doubled the amount of eggs, so it is more souffle-like. I’m waiting for my husband to come home to taste a piece. Anyways, gotta go finish up cleaning the kitchen, so I’ll post more tomorrow! So we hope you had a ….

Happy Pi Day!


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12 thoughts on “Happy Pi(e) Day 2014!

  1. Ah, this is killing me. I have a double oven and they are BOTH broken;rather, the control panel which operates them is broken. Cost to fix: 850.00. Cost to replace ovens: 2500 to 3000. Cost to wait awhile: Lots of frustration!

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