Cinco de Mayo 2014!


Busy day but we had some tacos earlier for dinner for Cinco de Mayo. Tacos are probably my favorite Mexican food. What did you have for Cinco de Mayo? My mom always has a Mexican food feast for this holiday. I miss her layered dip, but she says she will make some next time I visit.

Today, a colleague at the lab shared this YouTube video en Español (with English subtitles). “Are those reebok or nike?” I was cracking up at this! I bet it will make you laugh, or at least put a smile on your face this 5th of May! Click play now!


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 Anyways, we hope you have a fun Cinco de Mayo, but don’t party too hard!

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6 thoughts on “Cinco de Mayo 2014!

  1. I did happy hour with a colleague at an old-school Mexican restaurant. Corona with lime, churrasco chicken wings, and chips/salsa. Olé 🙂

    Your tacos look tasty!

    • Sounds so fun and delicious! I love those types of Mexican restaurants. I really should explore those more since I live in San Diego, but I really haven’t gone to much Mexican restaurants here. Shame on me for that, hehe. Those were brisket tacos. I might blog about them.

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